the morning after.

you know that part of the day when you’re required to simply…get out of bed? not so simple when your legs, hips, and lower back are frozen. i took not just one, but two dance classes yesterday–one ballet, one modern. and rather than taking the more practical route and easing myself back into the game, i of course chose to plop myself down in one of chicago’s most rigorous contemporary ballet classes: mike gosney’s class at visceral dance center. two hours of pure technique and nothing to hide behind. back in the day this caliber of dancing would have been a piece of cake; i was used to taking class and rehearsing all day errrday. but when your body’s not as used to flinging itself through space, rolling on the floor, flying into the air, stretching, extending, flexing, and pointing…a mere three and a half hours of nonstop dancing might just render you immobile. but ya know what? it hurts so good. this feeling lets me know that my body was affected by all that moving yesterday, which means it’s still capable of DOING it. sure, i was rusty. my extension was lacking. my turns were inconsistent. my jumps weren’t super high. but that feeling…the feeling of pure joy that surges through my limbs as they slice and float through the air–that feeling was every bit as strong as it used to be. and if that’s not positive reinforcement, i don’t know what is. now if i could only walk up and down the stairs without wanting to cry…

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One Response to the morning after.

  1. lizzie steelheart says:

    go girl!! xoxoxo

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